positive reinforcement trainingMost pet owners know to provide for their dog’s basic needs. However, what many people often forget is obedience training for their dog. Dogs need diligent leaders who are willing to put in the hours setting rules, boundaries, and limitations. Owners sometimes fail to take this into account when bringing a dog home and ignore the problems which often lead to behavioral issues. Shelters house too many dogs with issues that could have been prevented through proper training.

Training Your Dog

Dog trainers understand dogs and their many different personality types. Even though you know your dog better than anyone else, training programs for dogs instructed by knowledgeable, skilled trainers will help you better understand your dog’s needs and what motivates him or her to listen.
At The Velvet Snout, we offer training programs such as “board and train.” Please call for more information.

Our Professional Dog Trainers

Finding a trustworthy and patient trainer for your dog can be difficult. We carefully screen all of our trainers to make sure they’re qualified and will love your dog almost as much as you do. Dogs are sensitive creatures and often need a patient and loving individual to help them learn new commands. You want the best for your dog and so do we.

The Velvet Snout Caters to All of Your Dog’s Needs

Whether you need a safe place to board your dog while you’re away or need assistance training your dog, we offer a variety of services including dog grooming and doggy daycare to make sure your dog is cared for. Contact us today to learn more or talk with our trainer.