Since Easter is rolling around sooner than you think, you need to consider the care arrangements for your dog or cat. Most people are often so busy with preparations for the holiday that they forget about the furry family members they need to provide for. Every day of the year your pet relies on you to care for it and Easter is no exception. If you aren’t sure if you should board your dog during the holiday, here are a few reasons why should consider it. 

Board Your Dog Because You Have Family Coming to Town

For many people, holidays include extended family coming into town to spend the weekend celebrating together. While this may be fun for you and your family, your dog or cat might not be as happy about it. When pets get overwhelmed they tend to either cower in a corner or lash out. Consider keeping your dog at a dog boarding facility for the weekend. Your dog will get plenty of appropriate social interaction with other dogs and will be allowed to run and play while you’re entertaining your guests.

You’re Going out of Town and Need a Dog Kennel

If you typically head out of town for Easter weekend festivities, then you need to consider what you’ll do with your pets while you’re away. Most dogs can’t be left alone for extended periods of time and will need someone to care for them. Our doggy daycare is the perfect place to take them for a long weekend. We care for their every need and are even licensed to do dog grooming if your pup needs it. When you come pick up your dog, he’ll have made new friends and be looking his best!

You’d Like to do Something Special for Your Dog

Even if you aren’t going away for Easter, it can still be fun for your dog if you take him to doggy daycare to play with other dogs. Pet parents often feel like they need to do something special for their pets on holidays and that often involves treats or a new toy. Make this Easter particularly exciting by letting him enjoy a day of play with other dogs.

The Velvet Snout is Here for Your Dog’s Needs

If you have Easter festivities planned that don’t involve your dog or cat, then let us care for them. Our experienced and loving staff will give your furry best friend all the love and attention they need while you’re away. You’ll be able to check in on your pet through our live webcam feed so you’ll never miss a moment. Get in touch with us to book your reservation or for more information!