Your pets are members of your family. When you need to travel and your best friend can’t join you, it can be stressful for both you and your dog. That’s why finding the best dog boarding facility in Dallas is important. A good boarding facility for your dog or cat should be a combination of several things including clean sleeping areas, fun spaces for activities, and a well-trained and caring staff.

Dog Boarding Personal and Play Areas

A dog hotel should have a nice and spacious area where pets can play and relax. A doggie daycare with an outdoor play area or run provides a great way for your best friend to get outside and enjoy some exercise and fresh air. It’s important that any outdoor area also has shade to protect your dog from direct sunlight and heat. Your dog’s personal area where he sleeps at night should also be comfortable and secure. Just like when their humans stay at a hotel, some doggy daycares offer different levels of accommodations, each with its own selection of amenities.

Let’s not forget our feline friends as well. Everyone knows cats are finicky by nature. If your dog or cat is notorious for always planning “the great escape,” make sure the cat boarding facility is secure to keep your pet safe.

Many dog and pet hotels now offer much more than just a place to sleep and eat. Some have outdoor shallow pools for the hot summer months. If you’re a nervous pet parent or just miss seeing your buddy while you’re gone, our pet hotel has webcams allowing you to check in and see them playing with their new friends.

A Clean and Healthy Boarding Environment

A dog boarding hotel or dog daycare should pass the “smell test.” When you walk into the pet facility is there an immediate urine or feces odor? This may be a sign of an unclean and potentially unhealthy environment for your pet. A pet owner should also ask the staff about vaccination requirements and make sure their pet is up to date before arriving.

A Well-Trained Boarding Staff for Your Pet

Perhaps the most important thing with any pet boarding facility or pet resort is the staff. After all, you’re trusting them to look after your fur baby. Visiting where your pet will be boarded beforehand is a good idea. Anyone working at a pet hotel or dog kennel should be caring in nature and observant to spot any potential health problems, which might arise while you’re away.

Let Velvet Snout Care for Your Pet

Choosing the right boarding facility for your pet can ease your stress and theirs while you’re away. Trust us with all of your pet’s needs while you’re away. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our services for your pet today.