cute dog costumes

For many people, Halloween is their favorite time of the year. Dressing up, trick-or-treating, decorating, and handing out candy is a lot of fun for people who enjoy the season. If you’re a dog parent, it can be equally fun to find your precious fur-baby a Halloween costume. Every year, retailers are becoming more and more clever with the dog costumes they have for sale. At the Velvet Snout, our dog daycare staff have a few favorite costumes to inspire you!

Superhero Dog Costumehalloween costume ideas

The past few years, superheroes have been trending in the movies and in costumes. We have Marvel movies to thank for that! If you’re a fan of superhero comics, a superhero-themed costume might be the perfect costume for your dog. If your dog is larger, a Hulk costume would be really cute for him to wear! A smaller dog could wear a simple cape if they’d be weighed down by a big costume.

Ballerina Dog Costume

How cute will your pooch look with a little tutu on? No matter what size your dog is, a pink tutu is the perfect Halloween costume. It’s simple and easy to find or make. If you want to make one, all you’ll need is some elastic and tule in multi-colors. Tie strips of tool around the elastic for a skirt effect! The pictures you’ll get for Facebook will be so worth the extra effort you put into your dog’s costume!

Hotdog Costumecute dog costume

This costume is perfect for smaller dogs! Hotdog costumes are adorable and easy for dogs to wear. Plus, they provide a bit of insulation for chilly October nights when you take your best friend out for a walk. Most stores that sell Halloween costumes will have these for a decent price. If your dog goes to doggy daycare or obedience training, definitely have them wear their costume!

Pajamas for Your Dog

If you’ve never seen a dog wearing pajamas, then you haven’t lived! It’s the simplest costume ever and it’ll be quite cozy for your pup. Browse the clearance sections of the toddler’s or kid’s departments for cheap pajamas. If you go out trick-or-treating on Halloween, carry your dog around like a baby. Not only will it be adorable, but your dog will love every minute of it!

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