Daily, Weekly and Monthly Doggy Grooming

There’s more to owning a pet than just feeding and playing with him. As a doggy parent, your dog will also need to be groomed regularly. This will help keep your dog healthy and looking as adorable as ever.

But, it can sometimes be confusing to know what grooming service is needed and when to do it. To help, here is a list of daily, weekly and monthly grooming tasks to help you stay on track.

Daily Grooming Task: Fur Maintenance

Maintaining your dog’s fur is important and should be done on a daily basis. By brushing it regularly, this prevents the hair from matting up. Other added benefits of daily brushing include removal of excess hair and a gentle massage that your pet will love!

Also, during this time, you can justify checking for fleas, tick, mites and other pests.

Weekly Grooming Task: Teeth Cleaning

Brushing your dog’s teeth is something that many dog owners neglect. But, by not doing this, you actually do your dog and your bank account a disservice. That is why it is recommended that you brush your pet’s teeth every week to help prevent mouth diseases like tooth decay.

To do this, head to your favorite pet store and pick up a specialty toothpaste and toothbrush. Then, give your dog a good brushing. Also, while you’re there, grab a few chew toys. These will work double-duty by cleaning your dog’s teeth and keeping them preoccupied.

Monthly Grooming Task: Bathing

Contrary to popular belief, your pet only needs to be bathed every month instead of weekly. Of course, there are circumstances where your dog may be stinky or may have rolled around in mud that will require bathing a bit sooner. But otherwise, a monthly bath will do!

Also, keep in mind that cleaning a curly-haired dog will undoubtedly be different that cleaning a dog with straight hair. Therefore, when bathing your pup, be sure to use a shampoo that is specific to your dog’s hair type. Each shampoo comes with ingredients that not only clean your dog’s mane but also keep it healthy and shiny.

Every 2 Month Grooming Task: Manicure

As a dog owner, you know that giving your dog a manicure not only protects them from scratching others but also protects your floors from getting damaged. A great rule of thumb is to trim your doggy’s nails every 2 months.

If you are planning on doing this at home, be sure you do your research first on how to do it correctly. Also, since dog’s nails contain veins, it is also recommended that you buy special dog clippers and files. If this sounds like too much pressure, find a local dog groomer to safely perform this task instead.

Every 3 Month Grooming Task: Haircut

To keep your dog cute – and to also prevent matting, a haircut is a must every 3 months. As a dog parent, you will be able to see when it’s time for your dog to get a haircut. But, if you need a few hints, look for:

  • Overgrown hair on your dog’s feet
  • Too long bangs
  • A shaggy appearance

These signs will alert you that is time to make an appointment at the dog groomers.

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