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Crate Training or Daycare for Your Dog

For many dog owners who work outside of their home, this question all too real. While crate training is said to be the best choice for busy 9-5ers, there is actually an even better option- dog daycare.

3 Ways Daycare Is Better Than Crate Training

Many people may feel that doggie daycare is silly or outrageous, however, this growing service actually has many advantages. Advantages that can be very beneficial for your canine companion.

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Develop Social Skills

By nature, dogs are social animals. So naturally, they need to mix, mingle and play as much as possible throughout the day. Whether it be with humans or with other dogs, socializing is a major part in keeping your dog happy. When you decide to crate train, you instead keep them isolated for hours upon hours. At doggie daycare, however, they are able to build good socialization skills with other dogs which helps eliminate aggressive behavior.

Curve Behavioral Problemsobedience training

As stated above, behavior problems are often caused by extreme isolation or even stress. If you crate trained your dog, you probably know this very well because your dog probably cried, barked, growled, howled or even chewed on items when it was time for them to go into their crate. These behavioral problems can easily be subsided by simply enrolling your dog in daycare service. There, he will be able to run freely and not focus on his boredom. Plus, a lot of day cares separate the dogs by temperament and size so it is much easier to spot any behavioral issues and correct them with obedience training if necessary.

Maintain Physical Health and Destress

Most dog breeds are born fun, loving, and active. It isn’t until they are either stressed or lose trust in their owners that mental and physical issues start to show. Necessities like nurturing love and daily exercise are needed to help keep your dog retaining those characteristics and remain mentally and physically healthy. When you are busy at work, these necessities can still be given to your dog through doggie day care services.

As a dog owner, it is pretty easy to spot when there is something wrong with your pet. When your pup starts barking or wreaking havoc on your home, it is probably a sign that your dog needs a place where he can run and play throughout the day. Since good and bad behavior is learned, investing in dog day care is not only a good idea for your dog, but for you as well.

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