Fleas and ticks can be an annoyance and hassle for pet owners and their pets, causing discomfort and pain. As the winter months fade away and spring weather comes back, the temperature change can bring out these bugs that hide out during the cold weather. The population can rise exponentially, making it difficult to control without proper treatment and prevention.

Various medications can do the trick, and will come in handy in case your dog or cat gets infested. However, the best way to make sure your family, pet, and home is safe is through preventive care and pet grooming at The Velvet Snout. With the upcoming spring season, make sure your pet is prepared and remains flea and tick free!

Flea and Tick Control Types

The three most common types of flea and tick medications are spray, spot-on treatments, and oral medication.

  • Spray Medications: Spray treatments kill fleas and ticks on contact, and certain sprays can be used alongside topical medications.
  • Spot-On Medications: The most popular of flea and tick treatment – apply the liquid in each dose to your pet’s back once a month (or whatever your veterinarian recommends).
  • Oral Medications: Oral medications are useful for giving protection to your dog or cats entire body, leaving no spot unattended.
  • How To Check Your Pet For Fleas and Ticks

dog daycare in texasThe best way to check for fleas and ticks is with regular grooming. Depending on your pet, some require monthly checks and grooming services, while some can be every 3 months. The Velvet Snout recommends grooming or bathing every 4-8 weeks to ensure proper care for your pup.

On particularly warm days, it’s important to check them after playing outside or around other pets. Evidence of fleas can be found in the “flea dirt” they leave behind in your pets’ coat and skin. They look like black specks that resemble pepper or bits of dirt. You may feel a bump, before you actually see a tick or flea.

Controlling Your Environment

Whether you’re using sprays, spot-on treatments or oral medications, you should keep in mind that if your pets do get fleas and ticks, the majority of infestations come from eggs, larvae, and pupa – which can all be found throughout your home, especially in areas where your pet frequents. If fleas and ticks are in your home, they‘re likely to be found in the cracks or crevices of walls, upholstered furniture, in bedding, and even beneath carpeting.

Controlling fleas and ticks in your home is best achieved through a process of thorough vacuuming and using an approved insecticide. Outside, if possible, install barriers or fences to prevent animals from coming into your yard that might carry fleas and ticks. Regularly mowing your lawn, trimming bushes, and removing debris creates a less hospitable environment for fleas and ticks to attach themselves to your pet. Make sure that with each trip in and out, your pets are protected with some sort of flea treatment and are inspected.

Healthy Pets Come To The Velvet Snout

Taking time to ensure proper maintenance of your home will give you and your pets the peace of mind when it comes to the rise of fleas and ticks in the warmer months. For pet grooming services and boarding, trust The Velvet Snout. Get in touch with us today to schedule your grooming service!