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The holidays are a time of joy, family, and relaxing with those around you – but for some of our furry friends, it can also be the most stressful time of the year. With the holidays bringing an influx of strangers this can add stress to your canine and could impact them deeply. While some issues can be corrected with dog obedience training, others require a bit of a “vacation within a vacation” – dog daycare and boarding at The Velvet Snout. Here are just some reasons as to why pet boarding at The Velvet Snout would suite your beloved best friend during the busiest time of the year:

Stress and Anxiety

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There are several signs to know if your canine friend is suffering from stress and anxiety, but the holidays present an even bigger challenge to you and them. They understand you will be out of the home or in-and-out decorating and moving their comfortable living spaces around.

In order to recognize when your dog is anxious, it is important to be familiar with how they behave when they are relaxed. A relaxed canine has softer-appearing eyes with a relaxed mouth. A stressed out or anxious dog has the exact opposite behavior – signaling feelings of anxiety or stress before it gets too much.

The Velvet Snout is a great, comfortable place for your holiday pet stay – whether for a few days or just overnight dog boarding, your best friend can be at ease while you prepare for the holidays.

Nervousness and Aggression

A routine very is important. The routine should be consistent – meals, walks, playtime, which should occur at more or less the same time each day. When a routine is disrupted or changed, your dog could start to show signs of nervousness and aggression – if they are not met consistently. The Velvet Snouts doggy daycare is a great choice for those who need the extra “hand” in keeping a routine in place. Helping preventing aggression or nervousness that many pets may experience around the holidays. The suite life is what The Velvet Snout prides itself on, without dog kennels or crates – fully accommodating in relieving the holiday stress for your pet.

Obedience Training – Sometimes Not Enough

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While dog obedience training is very crucial to ensuring your pets behavior, the added stress of the holidays can set them back. The amount of traffic your home may experience, or the traveling visiting friends and family. A disruption in their routine combined with unfamiliar areas can undo some of the lessons learned in obedience training.

When obedience training doesn’t seem to cut it, or the holiday stress is making your pet rambunctious, the need for pet boarding should be considered. The holiday season will not affect or disrupt your dogs lifestyle as they live in luxury at The Velvet Snout’s dog hotel.

The Velvet Snout: Do Away With Your Pets Holiday Stress

Taking time to provide for your dogs social, physical and emotional needs during the busy holiday season can result in a less stressed animal — and a more peaceful you. With pet boarding and dog daycare facilities at The Velvet Snout, the holiday season gives you and your furry loved one a peace of mind.