Since the rise of social media and viral content, we’ve seen many adorable engagements pop up on our newsfeed that involved the couple’s dog. Pets tend to make every moment that much more special, especially engagements. Many of the dogs we provide obedience training to have been part of their owner’s engagement. If you want to include your furry best friend in your Valentine’s Day proposal, then follow our simple tips!

Take Your Dog to the Groomer’s

Since it’s your big day, you want everything to go smoothly and look perfect. It’s also a big day for your dog, and he or she should look their best! Bring them to us a the Velvet Snout for our dog grooming service. We’ll make sure your dog looks amazing for their part in your proposal. From a simple bath to a cut and blow dry, man’s best friend is our favorite client and they’ll be feeling fresh when they walk out of our salon.

Plan the Engagement

Something as special as an engagement should never be done without a good plan in place to make sure things go the way you want them to. When other people or your dog get involved, a plan is particularly important. Take your dog to an obedience class to ensure that your engagement goes off without a hitch. It’s hard to make a dog do something without them understand what it is you want them to do. We can help train them to understand commands and create a magical moment for you and your significant other.

Board Them With Us

After you’ve proposed, treat your new fiance to a little getaway to celebrate. Go enjoy Texas wine country or take a trip to the coast. If you can’t bring your dog, let us care for them while you’re away. Boarding your dog with us guarantees that they’re taken care of and loved until you come home. A dog hotel likes ours is a good way to keep them busy and prevent them from being lonely.

As a bonus, we understand that many pet parents are uncomfortable with leaving their dogs with other people so we’ve installed a webcam for pet owners to see what their dogs are up to. You’ll have peace of mind being out of town so you can enjoy your time of relaxation and celebration.

Contact the Velvet Snout

No matter what kind of pet service you need, we have you covered. From pet grooming to obedience training, we’re experts in all things pet-related. We promise to provide the best services possible to you and your dog. Contact us to learn more today!