new year resolutions for your pet

A new year means exciting things, especially for your furry family members. From holiday parties to changes around the home, pets take just as much excitement around this time as you do. But it can be easy to forget that annual vet visit, or miss the signs of an illness during the holiday chaos. We encourage all pet owners to set new years resolutions not only for you, but for your pet, as well! The Velvet Snout is the premiere place for starting off 2017 – with dog daycare, boarding and grooming, and pet resorts!

The annual visit to the vet not only helps to keep your pets healthy, it’s also the best tool for preventing and/or mitigating any serious health problems that may surface during their lifetime. Add the “rapid aging” process of pets – approximately seven years to your one year for dogs – and it becomes easy to understand the importance of regular medical checkups and setting resolutions for your pet.

The First Steps You Can Take For A Healthier Year

Establish a pre-vet checklist to start off the new year for your pet:
• Leash, harness, and/or small cage
• A favorite toy or a few treats
• Health care information, including vaccinations, parasite information, dental care, behavior and nutrition and exercise
• List of questions or concerns to ask the veterinarian

Some veterinarians may recommend obedience training for your pet in the new year, so write that down as a resolution to accomplish early, and look into pet training and obedience training services. Pets need a diligent leader who will guide and instruct them towards good behavior and habits, setting rules, limits and boundaries. The Velvet Snout offers numerous services for training, as well as boarding and training specials.

Simple Resolutions For You And Your Pet

Growing pets learn from habits, especially from their owner – so why not participate in a healthier lifestyle along with your pet? Just a few things you and your canine or feline can do together to ensure 2017 is the year for you:

• Measure your pet’s food – every time. There are no cheat days for your pets!
• Try a new activity with your pet – go on a walk, go hiking, enjoy an hour of play time a day, or however else you want to get more active and healthy with your pet. Consider The Velvet Snout’s training classes, too.
• Make dates with your pet…to the vet! Any signs of illness or concern should be addressed immediately with your pet’s veterinarian. Keep up to date on shots, pet grooming, and follow-ups needed.
• Practice good hygiene – Daily tooth brushing is the best way to keep plaque at bay — just be sure to use a toothpaste meant for dogs and cats. Water additives, dental diets, and treats designed to reduce tartar can also be a helpful tool in keeping teeth clean.

Trust The Velvet Snout For The Best Grooming Services

Keep your pet looking fresh and clean all year long! Regular dog grooming or baths are highly recommended every 4-8 weeks to ensure proper care for your dog. Regular grooming helps keep the coat clean and healthy and stimulates the skin, allowing the natural oils to circulate to the coat. The Velvet Snout provides additional services such as hot oil treatments, teeth brushing and nail painting for the ultimate spa treatment for your pet.

Do Away With Your Pets Bad Habits In The New Year

Taking time to provide for your dog or cat’s social, physical and emotional needs early and quickly in the new year will give you both the peace of mind. Utilize The Velvet Snout’s grooming and daycare services for 2017, and get ready to cross off those resolutions!