5 Basic Pet Training Tips

Like their human counterparts, dogs have their own personalities and quirks. They’re each motivated by different things and react to certain situations in their own way. Just like parents to small children, dog owners have to teach their pets how to behave through obedience training. At the Velvet Snout, our dog trainers understand dog personalities and how to train them to listen to commands and behave. We’re offering up a few of our best tips on how to continue your dog’s obedience training at home based on his or her personality.

Obedience Training for a Timid Dog

Dogs who are shy or easily frightened need an owner who is patient with them. Yelling or getting angry at the dog when they don’t listen or understand your command will scare them and cause them to shut down. For this kind of personality dog obedience training is best achieved by being understanding to his needs while giving him plenty of opportunities to succeed at his training. Even little successes are important to celebrate to help the dog gain confidence.

Training an Independent Dog

Dogs with independent personalities need to be trained by one family member the he or she sees as a leader in the household. They are a bit standoffish and don’t enjoy a large crowd of people. Being given space is important to their happiness and mental welfare. If you have company coming over for an extended period of time, you might consider dog daycare so they can have time away from everyone.

Dog Training for a Flexible Dog

A dog with an adaptable personality is fairly easy to train and makes a great family pet. They’re relaxed and enjoy the company of people and other household pets. Dog training classes that your dog attends with you will help him or her to learn your commands and listen to you. More so than anything, they’re eager to please and earn the affection and praise of their owner.

Training an Excitable Dog

This kind of dog is happy and loves to be with people. He greets everyone he meets with tail wagging and lots of kisses. However, this dog can cause problems if he isn’t properly trained due to his overly-excitable nature. Basic commands telling the dog to ‘sit’ or ‘stay down’ work well for this personality type as they can get in trouble for jumping on people unexpectedly. Dog training is important for the behavior of dogs like this.

Let The Velvet Snout Help Train Your Dog

Whatever personality type your dog has, our dog trainers can work with you and your dog. We understand how much you love your pet and want the best for them. Our obedience classes are designed to help you give your furry best friend the guidance and instruction they need to learn your commands. Every dog is capable of being trained including yours. Contact us today to learn more about our obedience classes!