Dallas' Best Dog Day Care

When you need grooming, boarding, or obedience classes for your canine companion, come to The Velvet Snout in the Dallas area. We know your pets are an important part of your family, and we’re dedicated to providing the best care for your canine companion or the family cat.

Best Dog Day Care and Dog Boarding by D MagazineThe Velvet Snout was chosen as one of the best dog day care and dog boarding facilities in Dallas by “D Magazine,” and we’d love to show you how our caring and highly trained staff can provide socialization, learning, and care for your pet.

Dallas Pet Training & Dog Obedience Classes

Arranging for dog obedience classes for your puppy is a great way to ensure your pet can act appropriately in social situations, and dog classes are also a terrific way to bond with your dog. Seeing your dog learn commands and respond to your voice is exciting.

Our once-a-week dog obedience training classes are appropriate for any breed of dog, and we’ll also train any age from puppies to senior dogs. Dog obedience training classes are entertaining and educational for your dog, and we utilize positive reinforcement training to teach your dog valuable behavior skills.

Pet Grooming ServicesPet Grooming

When you think of dog grooming, you might envision a fancy poodle with puffs of white fur, but professional grooming is a healthy way to maintain your pet’s health whether you own a small Chihuahua or a Labrador retriever who loves to shed. We recommend regular grooming sessions or baths for your pets each month with our pet groomers.

Cat grooming is also a healthy option for your feline family member, particularly if you own a cat with long, silky fur that needs cleaning and care on a regular basis. Cats enjoy grooming, so a visit with our animal grooming staff will help your cat remain beautiful and healthy throughout his or her life.

Pet Boarding in Dallas TX

Being separated from your pets while on vacation can make it difficult to enjoy your time spent traveling, and that’s why it’s important to find an animal boarding option where you know your pets will be looked after by people who love pets. At The Velvet Snout, we provide dog boarding and cat boarding for your family pet that features a lot of space to socialize and play.

We can provide boarding for just a day or two when you have a brief absence, or we can accommodate long-term pet boarding for lengthy vacations. Your pet boarding price will depend on the type of pet you have and the duration of your pet’s stay with us. We also provide pet sitting services if you’d like your pet to remain at home in familiar surroundings while you’re away.

Pet DaycareDallas Pet Daycare

If the family dog has recently started acting a little crazy during the day, it’s possible he’s missing the social interaction that dogs crave while you’re away for work. We provide pet daycare services to ensure the family dog or cat gets the socialization and activities needed during the day.

Our dog daycare services are an ideal way to keep your pet happy and active during the day without concern that you’ll return home to pillows with their stuffing in tatters or other destruction.

Doggy Day Care DallasBring Your Pets to The Velvet Snout for The Best Care

The care and attention we give to our pets at home is often interrupted by work, vacations, and other absences. Ensure the happiness and health of your pet with boarding, obedience training, and day care with The Velvet Snout. Keep your pets healthy and beautiful with our grooming services, and reduce the likelihood your pet will need unexpected visits to the veterinarian.