Pet Pampering Procedures

From their food to their shampoo, man’s best friend deserves the best. That is why The Velvet Snout offers the best pet grooming and pampering sessions in Dallas-Ft.Worth.

While your dog is probably happy with your loving belly rubs and basic haircuts, these specialty treatments are so amazing, they could rival those given to humans.

5 Pampering Treatments for Your Dog

Want to give your pup a treat? Here are some sessions your dog will greatly appreciate.

Doggy Massage

Who doesn’t love a massage? Our guess is that your dog definitely will. Dog massages are a big step up from the little scratches behind the ears you give. They can actually be therapeutic to your pup. A mini massage session can increase circulation, decrease muscle pain, promote flexibility and relieve stress. All of which your little animal friend will benefit from and love.

Dog Pedicure

Trimming your dog’s nails at home is something that can be done but is not recommended. Reason being is that you can cut you pup’s nails too short and cause bleeding. So, why not have a professional do it for you and give your dog a pristine pedicure while at it. That’s right. Using a pet-friendly polish, a pet pedicure session is an easy way to add a little flare to your dog’s paws.

Dog Suites

Forget about doggie crates and kennels when your dog is away. The most luxe and hippest way to have you doggy sleep in style are with dog suites. Each suite is private, located indoors, and climate controlled for the best comfort. They even come with fresh bedding which is provided every day as well as decorations that are reminiscent of a hotel.

Oil Treatment

Your dog’s mane can take a beating, especially if you dog is long-haired. From tangling to excessive shedding, sometimes all that is needed is a hot oil treatment. Like with humans, oil treatments help condition the hair of your pet to take it from being tangled and matted to shiny and healthy.


Your pooch’s face needs some tender love and care too. So, a facial is the perfect session to add to your list of dog pampering sessions. A blueberry facial can help you get rid of those dreaded tear-stains and leave you doggie’s face clean and clear. And, the berry scent is just an enticing bonus.

Pet Grooming from The Velvet Snout

From specialty pet grooming to luxurious doggy suites, The Velvet Snout has you covered.

With two locations in the DFW area, our expert staff is available and committed to helping your dog with doggy day care, training, and treatments just like the ones listed above.

To learn more, contact The Velvet Snout today.