Mar 24, 2021


After an unseasonably warm spring here in North Texas, we’re getting ready for a long, hot summer at The Velvet Snout. Our dog boarding facilitywelcomes many different beloved pets every summer, and for our pet owners we recommend doing a few things to prepare your pup for the season.

Get Your Dog Groomed for the Summer

For breeds with thick fur or even multiple layers of fur, they need routine grooming all throughout the year. However, for other breeds with less fur, getting a trim every once in awhile is enough. Before the summer heat kicks in, take your dog to our dog groomers in Richardson or Lewisville. Think of their fur as their clothing, if they have too many layers on, it gets hot! Grooming your dog is important for the health of their fur coat as well as their comfort.

Start Obedience Training

While your dog might have you trained to do what it wants, it should really be the other way around. Training your dog can be difficult on your own and our trainers will be there to help you. Once your kids are out of school, get them involved with training your dog. Show them the commands you’ve learned at obedience classes and have them practice with your pup. It’ll give them something to do all day and keep your dog busy!

Bring Your Dog to Doggy Daycare

Most families take summer vacations together for a week or two at a time. Unfortunately, they usually can’t take their dog with them. If you plan on taking a vacation in the next few months, it’s a good idea to get your fur baby accustomed to where you’ll be boarding them for that time.

We offer a fun doggy daycare experience for your dog to enjoy while you’re gone. Getting him used to our daycare will make him feel comfortable while you’re away on vacation and reduce his anxiety. 

Choose the Right Doggy Boarding Facility 

Our staff of dog lovers will love your dog while you’re away. Our facilities are clean and tons of fun for your pup. If you have questions or would like a tour of our doggy hotel, then give us a call! We’ll be happy to assist and show you why we’re the go-to dog kennel in the Dallas area.