Tips for Caring for Your Older Dog

No matter how old our pets are, they’ll always be our babies. As they age, their needs change, however. Many of our clients struggle understanding how to care for their older pets and ask our doggy daycare facility for recommendations or any helpful tips we have.
Let’s face it; having a new puppy is so much fun.  We love those furry babies. But having a new puppy comes with some challenges, such as puppy training, and house training a dog can be one of the most difficult parts. The #1 reason puppies end up in shelters after adoption is frustration with potty training. So let’s discuss some dog potty training tips.
The average high temperature for July in the Dallas area is 95 degrees. We all know that it is often hotter than 95 in the Dallas summer. The heat is uncomfortable and dangerous for us, but it is also risky for our dogs. What do we do to protect our dogs and keep them cool?
After an unseasonably warm spring here in North Texas, we’re getting ready for a long, hot summer at The Velvet Snout. Our dog boarding facilitywelcomes many different beloved pets every summer, and for our pet owners we recommend doing a few things to prepare your pup for the season.
Every family operates more smoothly if there is a set of rules. If there are no rules, there is chaos. The same goes for the family dog. The dog is part of the family; the dog is interactive with the other members of the household. If the dog has no rules, there is chaos.