Feb 09, 2022

Tips for Caring for Your Older Dog

No matter how old our pets are, they’ll always be our babies. As they age, their needs change, however. Many of our clients struggle understanding how to care for their older pets and ask our doggy daycare facility for recommendations or any helpful tips we have. While every dog is different and you need to check with your veterinarian to devise a care plan for your dog, we’re sharing a few suggestions on how to better care for your dog.

Regular Veterinarian Checkups

Most dogs hate going to the vet but it’s so important to their health. Have the vet do a regular checkup as well as look for things like arthritis, cancerous tumors, failing eyesight, or hearing problems. Older dogs are particularly prone to arthritis in their limbs which can make it difficult for them to get around. Your vet will be able to recommend pain relievers that can make life a bit easier on them if that’s the case.

Follow your dog’s vet visit with a fun day at doggy daycare where he can play with other pups and be outdoors enjoying the fresh air. “Going to the vet” will take on a whole new meaning for you dog. 

Pamper Your Dog With Grooming Treatments

Older dogs often have issues with dry skin or patchy fur. In addition to regular grooming and bathing, make sure your dog’s skin is cared for too. At The Velvet Snout, we offer hot oil treatments as well as blueberry facials for dogs that need a little extra care. Our professional grooming services are performed by experienced staff members who give your dog the love and care their deserve.

Include Your Dog in Everything

When our family members begin to age, we want to spend more time with them. For our dogs, we ought to spend more time with them as well. Include your beloved dog in everything you do from sitting outside on your porch together to going on vacation. The last thing you want is for your dog to feel forgotten. If you can’t bring them on vacation, consider boarding them at a trusted dog boarding facility such as ours.

Let Us Love Your Dog Too

Our staff of dog lovers will care for your dog when you’re away. Aging dogs are special and deserve special treatment. If you need a dog boarder or groomer you can trust, then give us a call!