Sep 07, 2021

Summertime Heat Protection for Your Dog

The average high temperature for July in the Dallas area is 95 degrees. We all know that it is often hotter than 95 in the Dallas summer. The heat is uncomfortable and dangerous for us, but it is also risky for our dogs. What do we do to protect our dogs and keep them cool?

What You Need to Know

Even though dogs are animals, they are still susceptible to illness and injury due to overheating.  Dogs can sunburn, suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and their pads can burn from hot sidewalks and driveways.

During the heat, watch your pets for diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, rapid panting, redness on the skin inside of their ears, and red or very pale gums. These are all symptoms of heat exhaustion or stroke.

A dog’s normal temperature is 100-102.5.  If the temp goes over 104, your dog is in serious jeopardy. 106 degrees is considered deadly.

A canine that is older or overweight is at a higher risk of heat exhaustion or stroke, as are dogs with heart disease or breathing issues.


We can do some things to make the heat more tolerable for our dogs. Hot weather safety is important, so follow some of these tips to help prevent heat stroke for your dog

  • Walk at cooler times of day (early morning, late evening.)
  • Stay off of asphalt, tar, and other hot surfaces to protect the pads of their feet.
  • Keep plenty of fresh, cool water available throughout the day and night.
  • Outdoor dogs must have a shaded area, and someone to check on them and be sure they have fresh, clean water.
  • NEVER leave a pet in a car, even with windows down. Temps can reach 140 degrees in just a few minutes.

What if Your Dog Shows Signs of Heat Related Illness?

If your pet shows signs of heat exhaustion you should act quickly.

  • Get the pet indoors to a cooled area.
  • Get the dog fresh, cool water, but not ice-cold.
  • Dampen the skin and coat of the dog with lukewarm water and allow to air dry.
  • Watch for other symptoms, like vomiting, diarrhea or severe lethargy. If this is noticed, seek immediate veterinarian consultation.
In the Heat? How About Doggy Daycare?

Most families are busy in the summer. Even if there are non-working adults in the home, people are busy enjoying summer fun. There are pools, picnics, summer school, camps and visitors. Sometimes our dogs get lonely or bored, especially if it is too hot for them to be outside.

Summertime is a great time to try out doggy daycare at The Velvet Snout, especially if you are thinking about using our boarding services for summer vacation.

While at daycare, your dog will be a safe dog; safe from summer heat. Your pet will be active, get exercise, and socialize with other dogs. Grooming services are also offered during the dog’s daycare experience, with obedience classes as another option.

For pet parents concerned about playtime with unfamiliar dogs, rest assured that we separate the dogs by size and temperament to allow for appropriate exercise and fun. Our professional staff monitors activity to ensure the safety of each animal. Our spacious playrooms allow them the freedom to interact with other pets and people and to become familiar with how to behave in new environments.

Dogs get plenty of love and they get their own little vacation. Your dog will come home relaxed and maybe a little tired so that you can just spend the evening snuggled up together under the air conditioning.  Contact The Velvet Snout today to plan your dog’s visit.